Preconcert "Alt und Jung" ©Besim Mazhiqi

International Master Class NEUE STIMMEN

Bertelsmann Stiftung founded the NEUE STIMMEN Master Class, which has taken place on alternate years to the competition since 1997, with the aim of promoting and supporting particularly talented young singers once the competition is over. Many participants in the competition are not yet advanced enough in their personal, artistic and vocal development to win a prize. As part of this one-week Master Class, the singers who are most deserving of support are given the opportunity work under the instruction of international artists to improve their vocal performance, musical expression, song interpretation, stage presence and other musical skills such as self-management, networking and interview training.

We ask all finalists in the competition to fill out a questionnaire, which we then use to find out exactly what participants want from the training program and integrate the results into the framework of future master classes. This way, particularly talented singers are given the opportunity to perfect and showcase their skills in concerts, learn from one another, establish networks and fill the gaps in their vocal training. The Master Class also fosters connections between music directors and singers, festival directors and agents.

In order to ensure long-term success and continuous adaptation/optimization of the Master Class program, the singers’ achievements and progress are monitored and recorded before, during and after the Master Class.

New demands – New modules

In the context of our initiative "Creating Careers" and in response to feedback from Master Class participants, and based on our observations of the demands faced by young singers and the platforms on which they market themselves, we add to our Master Class programm further alternating modules, such as coaching for self-management and career development, legal advice regarding agencies and professional engagements, as well as mental coaching and fright training.

Realistic performance conditions

The Master Classes traditionally end with a final concert in the foyer of the Bertelsmann Stiftung before an audience of 350 guests, including representatives of the cultural sphere, business and society at large. These concerts allow the singers to showcase their talents before an audience and under realistic performance conditions.