The final round participants 2015

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Day 6: Grande Finale!

The 2015 Finalists with Liz Mohn and Dominique Meyer

The final day of the competition 2015 is here. Unbelievable how fast this week has gone by! For our eleven finalists this day may well change their lives and it will definitely influence their careers.

Tension is growing. Everyone performing tonight has worked so hard, hoping, no wanting to win. But the atmosphere is very positive. Almost all of the final round NEUE STIMMEN contestants are still in town encouraging their favourite contestant and giving support to everyone else. Who will be the jury's favourite tonight? The concert starts at 7pm and each singer has to perform two arias before the jury will take a final vote.

This usually takes a while, but not so tonight. At 10.16 pm the audience is asked to take seats - earlier than expected. Dominique Meyer, the chairman of the jury comes on stage and announces the NEUEN STIMMEN 2015 prize winners:

Elsa Dreißig and Anatoli Sivko take 1st prize;

Miriam Albano and Darren Pati take 2nd prize;

Bongiwe Nakani and Lukhanyo Moyake are awared with 3rd prize.


The final


Day 5: Creating Careers

Today is the so called Creating Careers day. We are using the day between the two concerts to focus on creating career issues offering the participants of the final round a workshop and individual coaching units on the topics of career planning and self-marketing.

All artists taking part in NEUE STIMMEN 2015 continue to receive support, even once the competition has finished. We will be working together with them, creating networks, organizing on-stage appearances, helping them to establish a media presence, and carefully advising them on difficult decisions; turning their dream of a career on the opera stage into reality. This continuous support and ongoing development of the talented youngsters is very important to us.

Aside from the seminars and individual coaching units rehearsals are in full swing on this busy Friday. Many decisions come up: will the grand piano fit on stage, will the gentlemen playing the cembalo arrive in time and more. All will work out and we are very excited to have Graeme Jenkins conducting the Duisburg Philharmonic orchestra on Saturday. A real treat.



This is Thursday and everybody and everything is geared toward the semi-final concert. 19 candidates performed and all did very well. It does make such a difference to listen to the singers accompanied by an orchestra. But there had to be a selection, that is the point in competitions - and the jury nominated 11 fortunate ones to go on to the finals, including three lovely singers from South Africa.

The finalists

But Thursday is also coaching day with John Norris. He is extremely popular with all our singers tending to everyone’s needs and implementing a wide variety of coaching methods.

The semi-final

Day 3: Coaching, Press conference and "singing without borders"

While the jury is meeting the press today, the semi-finalists are busy rehearsing - for some of them it is their first time performing on stage with an orchestra. Tension and excitement are growing. Great to have such an experienced conductor like Graeme Jenkins working for NEUE STIMMEN. He gets the best out of each performer as well as the orchestra.

And we have more activities inside the Stadthalle. All singers that are no longer competing are busy getting coaching units with John Norris or use their chance to talk to each one of the jurors. This is so important, getting an unbiased opinion and advice from people who are influential in the opera business.

No less invigorating are activities taking place at the Gütersloh Theater. Here José Coca Loza und Georgios Papadimitriou have teamed up with 40 kids talking about their profession, answering questions and finally singing together. A wonderful experience for everyone involved.


Auditions Day 2 - 20 October 2015

Today, on this second day of auditions, 15 singers took their chance to perform in front of a good spirited jury. Alas this was done, the jurors went into retreat to collaborate. A final vote was taken and Dominique Meyer, our chairman of the jury, announced the lucky semi-finalists. Ten ladies and 9 gents from 15 nations have qualified for the first big concert on Thursday night - the semi-final! Congratulations!!


Auditions Day 1 / 19 October 2015

After a rather relaxing Sunday with piano rehearsals and a professional photo shooting, tension is rising on this first day of auditions. 27 singers will have the chance to show their skills to the Jury. Excitement on all sides: while singers that have already performed tell those who are still waiting for their slot what to expect on stage, the jury uses the short intervals between auditions to discuss, evaluate and eat!



The International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN, initiated in 1987, takes place very two years. In 2015 the sixteenth competition will be held.

Apply online starting 5 January 2015.

Final Round

Following world wide auditions the final round of the competition is held in Gütersloh in October 2015. All singers that have qualified during auditions will be invited to participate in the final round.

Final Round

The final round is divided into 4 phases:

Auditions with piano accompanyment

On the first two days of the final round in Gütersloh, on October 19th  and 20th 2015, all particpants have auditions accompanied by piano in front of the jury. Thereafter the semifinalists are being announced.

Semi-final concert

During the semi-final concert on 22 October 2015 at the Stadthalle Gütersloh the semifinalists are accompanied by orchestra. The people's choice award, a special prize made exclusively by the audience, is awarded that night. At the end of the concert, the finalists are announced by the jury.  


The final concert with orchestra is held on 24 October 2015 at the Stadthalle Gütersloh. The prize-winners are announced at the end of the concert. 

Prize winners concert in 2016 in Berlin

In spring 2016 prize winners of the 2015 competition will perform in front of a exclusive audience in Berlin. The prize-winners commit themselves to particpate in this concert, it is part of the competition.